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Made with Love to Spread Love

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About Jonesing 4 Cookies

It was all a dream… Well, not really. You see, my mom and I started making cookies together as a way to spend more time together. Neither one of us had any desire, let alone a dream to start a cookie business. We found our time together in the kitchen to be valuable, and we fell in love with the joy that our cookies brought to people’s taste buds. Our cookies are made with love to spread love. What are you Jonesing 4?

-Cord and Bridgette

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Gluten-Free Cookies

Our delicious gluten free cookies are made with all natural ingredients and are sure to please. These cookies contain no gluten, but still have the same great taste and texture as our other cookies. Enjoy a sweet treat without the worries of gluten! Our gluten free cookies are perfect for any occasion. Get your hands on some of these delicious treats today

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Vegan Cookies

These delicious vegan cookies are made with natural ingredients and no animal products. They are a great way to indulge without compromising your vegan lifestyle. Enjoy the rich, sweet flavor of these vegan cookies, made with all natural ingredients. These cookies are sure to delight vegans and non-vegans alike

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